I’ll rank you in Google Top Ten in ten weeks

I can put you on Google’s Top Ten.

Do you know what Google Top Ten is?

It’s a place where good websites go bask in visitor interest.

Getting there is a simple thing.

Here’s the formula:

You + Me = Success.

Seriously, it goes like this:

  1. You tell me you are interested
  2. I do my thing
  3. Ta dah!

No really, this is what it takes:

  1. You tell me you are interested
  2. I audit your content: I list all your web pages and articles, analyze and categorize them.
  3. I prioritize the findings in an order that makes sense from the inbound marketing point of view
  4. We execute the changes one by one.
  5. For many of them, you need to do some homework, which is all described in here.
  6. Then, we pick the page you want to get ranked and we give it an extra boost: we optimize it, build links to and from it and share it in social media in a smart way.
  7. Three months later it’ll be there.

Here’s how my customers have performed under my guidance

A health care professional was able to get his website steadily climb from the third Google search results page to the first in two months. From coaching in inbound style of writing to managing the Google Web Master console to keyword research, we applied inbound marketing techniques that secured a steady progress. He subsequently noticed a respective increase in sales.

I did a complete overhaul of a hotel website, made it responsive, applied some Facebook advertising, analytics and Local Search Engine Optimization. Their website got to number five in two months after we made the changes, and after a year it is now competing at number three. The owner tells me the new traffic has increased their sales with 20%.

I’m currently working with two consulting companies, applying my inbound marketing techniques to increase the number of visitors to both company sites.

I have many more examples, but these are just the recent ones.

How to proceed? Read this first, then contact me.

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